Vendor Advocates

When Selling, Get Top Dollar For your Property Without Spending Time Or Money!


Vendor Advocates

When Selling, Get Top Dollar For your Property Without Spending Time Or Money!

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Our simple 3 step process on getting you the best price. The Best part of ALL You Spend $0.

4.5x Return on Spend

Our average return on presentation spend is well above the real estate industry or DIY returns at $4.50 for every $1 spent.
For $20,000 this equates to an extra $90,000.

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We work for you across the entire selling process - from agent selection to final settlement!

When You’re Selling...

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The Dilemma

  • One of the biggest decisions you will ever make
  • Highly stressful and emotional
  • Need to maximise property price
  • Cash to fund improvements?
  • Understanding the market
challenges you face

Challenges You Face

Time Consuming:
It can take up to 20 hours in the first 2 weeks just to start the sale process. Most people simply don't have the time for this. Do you?
Many people will only sell a property once or twice in their lifetime. This level of inexperience could end up costing you ten of thousands of dollars on the sale price.
Tasks to be done:

  • Select (and manage) the right agent
  • Negotiate commission
  • Prepare the property for sale
  • Manage the auction 
tower solution

The Tower Solution

A simple, stress-free and holistic vendor advocacy service that works with you to overcome the challenges of selling. We guide you through the entire sales process by providing expert advice, and also offer time poor vendors the ability to outsource the sale process completely.

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Cost Savings

We reduce the cost of selling!


agent commission

When negotiating with the agent, on average, our vendor advocacy service achieves a saving of 0.52%. That’s a saving of $5,200 assuming a $1,000,000 property. That is money in your pocket instead of the Real Estate Agents pocket.



We aim to get properties to market 30 days faster. This will save on interest, rates and insurance. Assuming a debt of $300,000 and interest rate of 5% equals a saving of $1,233.


Want to sell faster, and for more money?

Calculate the benefits of selling your property with Tower using our online calculator.

Want to find out how we can increase your sales price at no extra cost to you?

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Our solution

Our solution

Take the stress and uncertainty out of the process and turn your property into more than its worth - be it the family home, investment property or rural property. The property advisory service we offer helps you to achieve the maximum possible price for your property.


  • select the right agent, negotiate fees and manage the agent
  • assist with property presentation work including funding
  • provide auction day strategy and support

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7 Steps to a Successful Sale
From agent selection to final settlement we have the end-to-end solution.

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  • Expert Advice
  • Save you Time & Money
  • Reduce Stress
  • Achieve top dollar!

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Why use Tower

Why use Tower

Real Estate Agents often control the sale by playing both sides of the fence against each other - seller and buyer.

As property advocates, we work soley for you!


  • Don't just work for you
  • Work to satisfy buyers
  • Attempts to make a sale regardless of price
  • Typically sell without adding values/improvements
  • Pressure you to accept a lower price


  • Provides you with an expert property manager
  • Selects the best agent in your area
  • Negotiates down the agent’s commission
  • Funds property improvements so you get top dollar
  • Fully prepares & presents your property for sale
  • Attends auction with you

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