Deciding what your property is realistically worth

Deciding what your property is realistically worth

It is always difficult to determine what a property is worth, especially your own. Property values are subjective and can change quite quickly. After all, you want to maximise your sale price.

Estate agents generally give optimistic price estimates to win your business, then lower price expectations closer to the auction. For the vendor, this causes undue worry and stress.

To avoid this situation we provide:

  • Recent sale prices of comparable properties in your area
  • A review of the agents initial property estimate.

We can also arrange a sworn valuation of your property by a qualified valuer. This independent assessment gives an understanding of what your property is likely to be worth, and will satisfy any obligations you may have to third parties.

These offerings simplify the process for you whilst providing an understanding of your properties value. Because at Tower, we believe the better you understand the value of your property, the better decisions you’ll make


Dealing with your bank

Dealing with your bank

If your bank is threatening to take legal action to enforce their security, we can approach the bank for more time to allow you to sell your property. We find our appointment as a Vendor Advocate is favourably viewed by banks in these situations. Of course, the earlier we are involved, the better the chance we have of getting extra time from your bank.

We have been dealing with banks since 2004. Many of the Tower Team have extensive banking experience so we understand the issues you may be facing. For a confidential meeting to discuss your options please contact us.


Funding your presenation

Funding presentation work (if required)

We believe it is critical to have a well presented property during marketing to maximise the sale price. 

Many people are asset rich but cash poor, and therefore don’t have the funds to pay for their property to be properly presented for sale. If you lack the funds for presentation works, WE CAN HELP! 

Tower can pay the presentation costs up front on your behalf so you don't miss out on what your property is really worth! Repayment is made from the sale proceeds. To find out more and discuss your options please contact us.


Organising Reports and Contract of Sale

Organising Reports and Contract of Sale

The Tower Team have extensive experience in working with property lawyers to prepare the sale documentation. It is important to ensure that contracts are delivered to the estate agent on time for marketing. 

We can also obtain any reports required for marketing or for the contract of sale including: 

  • Building reports
  • Pest inspection
  • Permits
  • Plans
  • Home builders warranty insurance.

Of course, if you don't have a lawyer, we are happy to refer you to one.

Auction day support

Providing auction day support

Auctions are stressful! In order to ‘de-stress’ the day, it is helpful to have a clear sales strategy prior to the auction.

We can provide you with a written Auction Day Strategy suggesting:

  • Reserve price
  • Price the property should be put on the market
  • Minimum price you should accept.

This is based on marketing proposals from the estate agents, market feedback from the agent during the campaign and a sworn valuation (if obtained).