Selecting real estate agent

Selecting the real estate agent

It is important to choose the right real estate agent to sell your property. You should use a local agent, as you then benefit from their marketing of similar properties in the area. 

We select up to three real estate agents to provide written marketing proposals. We are not tied to any particular agency, so are free to determine who are the most active in the area and who we think will best service your needs. 

To assist you choose an agent, we prepare an Agents Assessment Table based on the agents marketing proposals.

Some people do not want an auction but prefer an 'off market' sale. We can help in selecting an agent who specialises in such sales, and will help you get the maximum sale price.



Dealing with the real estate agent

Once an estate agent has been selected, we negotiate the agency terms for you including:

  • Sale commission rate
  • Marketing budget, and
  • Term of exclusive authority. 

Agents Commission rates are negotiable, and can vary significantly between agents. They will also vary depending on the type of property, its value and location. 

We negotiate the agents commission rate down, ensuring it is reasonable, and also appropriate to keep the agent incentivised without you over-paying. We also negotiate the marketing budget so it is targeted for your property and money is not wasted on un-necessary advertising. This can save you thousands of dollars

Throughout the sale we deal with your agent directly, while keeping you informed of progress. 


Deciding the best method of sale

Deciding the best method of sale

In metropolitan areas, auction is the usual method of sale as it brings together all interested parties at one time to create competition. However with unusual properties or in a thin market, sale by expression of interest, fixed date, tender or private sale may be more appropriate. 

In regional areas, private sale may be the usual method of sale, depending on the type of property being sold. There are generally less buyers and properties take longer to sell.

We can help you work with the agent to arrive at a choice that gives you the best result.