There is so much to learn when transitioning yourself or a family member into Aged Care. From facilities and vacancies to the complexities of DAPs and RADs. One aspect that is often not taken into consideration is the fact that a high percentage of people have to sell their home to fund the transition.
80% of singles & couples that move into Aged Care need to sell their home!
Preparing and selling your home can be stressful and time consuming at the best of times, but it can be near on impossible when you’re already dealing with the complexities of aged care. For families exploring aged care options the task of selling a property becomes all the more challenging.

Quite often, a family may not live in the same area as their elderly family member, which further compounds the anxiety; not to mention the multitude of tasks that need to be undertaken in order for the home to be ready to go on the market.

Simply, the prospect of having to sort through a house full of goods and personal items, often accumulated over a life time, can be distressing for the family members having to do the job.

However there is help available to make this task a lot easier. The services of a vendor advocate.

Most people are inexperienced in selling property as it is something they rarely do. It is also time consuming and family members may be time poor. We estimate it takes a vendor about 80 hours to prepare and sell a property from start to finish – and this is only exacerbated when it isn’t your own property, which is the case for most property sales during aged care transition.

A vendor advocate manages the overall sale of the property with the vendor, using a real estate agent to sell the property. They guide the vendor through the sale process –

  • Selecting and managing the real estate agent

  • Negotiating down agent commission

  • Decluttering and removal of furniture and possessions

  • Styling and presentation works for maximum buyer appeal

  • Organising general repairs

  • Obtaining a licenced valuation

  • Helping with the auction day strategy.

A property sale is a key component in the aged care puzzle. Using a vendor advocate to manage the sale makes the transition into aged care a lot easier for everyone.

At Tower Property we ensure that the home is in the best position to maximise its sale price.

We started our business 10+ years ago to help people sell their loved ones property faster and with less stress. We have sold over 3,500 properties nationally and offer a simple, stress-free service to reduce the challenges of selling.