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just because you don’t have the money!

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Profit from our experience

A well presented property appeals to more buyers and gets a better sale price.
We work with you to present your property for sale, and will pay for the improvements.



  • We agree with you what improvements are needed
  • We arrange the property to be valued by an independent valuer
  • We obtain quotes and arrange the work to be done
  • We pay for the improvements!
  • The cost of the improvements are repaid from sale proceeds
  • You receive 80% of the surplus and we receive 20%

Surplus is the difference between the independent valuation and the sale price, less the cost of the improvements


It’s that simple – no additional fees & charges!

If there is no Surplus, you only repay the amount spent on improvements.

          Valued before our involvement  $1,350,000                                                  Property sold at $1,660,000