We recently received a request from a financial planner asking us to assist a client of theirs (George) with the sale of his home. As George was already in an aged care home, the initial focus was on what to do with his house full of belongings.

After meeting with George and his financial planner at the aged care home it quickly became apparent that far great assistance was needed. George had advanced Parkinson’s Disease and was limited in his ability to attend his home and manage the removal of his goods, let alone all the other aspects of selling the home.

Tower used photos from throughout the house and worked with George to determine what goods he needed or wished to keep. A specialist home moving business was engaged to get these items to George and then sell, donate or dispose of what was left - leaving the home clear of all goods and ready for cleaning and staging.

Tower then helped locate an agent that George recalled from many years ago and wanted to consider for the sale of his property. After inviting the agent to submit a marketing proposal and selecting another prominent agent from the area to also submit a proposal, we determined that the agent that George knew was best qualified to sell the home. Tower also assisted George by recommending a conveyancing lawyer and ensuring that the sale contract and Vendors Statement were prepared in time for marketing.

A five week Expression of Interest campaign was agreed with the agent and George. With the market and auction clearance rates in decline, this was considered the best way to manage interest and maximise price. Interest in the property had ranged from $800,000 to $900,000 during the campaign; but ultimately an offer of $939,000 was received and negotiated up to $950,000 at which price the property was sold. A 30-day settlement was also negotiated, saving George money by having his Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) paid to the aged care home much earlier than expected.

Tower continued to work with George to manage the sale of his beloved 1971 Rover car, ensuring that it found a new home and was removed in time for settlement of the home.

This was one of the most rewarding sales I have been involved in. George was really in need of Tower’s assistance with every stage of the process. We felt that George deserved such a good outcome and it was really pleasing to achieve this for him in such a difficult market.
— Phil Hoopmann, Senior Property Manager